The Buzz

Jesse Helms never changed. Luckily, America did.

State employee L.F. Eason's refusal to honor Sen. Helms by lowering the flag to half-staff as the governor had ordered should have merited immediate dismissal rather than simply an offer to retire.

We have definitely fallen down the rabbit hole. Now we are supposed to believe that Jesse Helms was a great guy and the Clintons are racists. The Mad Hatter made more sense.

Isn't it ironic? People write “mean-spirited” letters to the editor accusing Jesse Helms of being “mean-spirited.”

If John McCain disses Prime Minister al-Maliki's request for a time-tabled withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, then he will be exposed for what he truly is: a neocon who prefers that the U.S. keep Iraq as a colony for oil and as a springboard for further military conquests.

So we will be able to drive on shoulders of interstate highways, but not in perfectly fine lanes marked “HOV.” Brilliant work, Pat McCrory!

Perhaps Wachovia would be in a better position if some employees spent less time texting and more time working.

Why is patriotism measured by worship of the flag?

To the Buzzer who thinks it's OK to drive 55 mph in the left lane: I guess you missed the driver's ed class that says unless you're passing, you should drive in the right lane. And you wonder why there's road rage.