The Buzz

Isn't it obvious why Obama's plane had a mechanical problem? After all, it has two left wings.

It's no wonder Jesse Jackson doesn't want Obama talking down to blacks about their moral responsibility, Obama may use Jesse's picture as the poster boy for bad behavior.

Will the Grand Oil Party move to Dubai to avoid taxes and be closer to its base?

Buying votes with taxpayer dollars makes both presidential candidates appear irresponsible.

Why shouldn't Iran conduct as many missile tests as it wants to? The United States does, anytime and anywhere it wants to.

New rule: When one senator does not vote on a bill, he has no right to criticize the vote of another senator.

Sen. McCain was for privatization of Social Security before he was against it and before he was for it again.

The country is paying Rush Limbaugh $400 mil? Silly me, I thought it was the free market at work. Evidently, a whole lot of people think he's worth it.

Regardless of which lane you use, it is illegal to drive faster than the posted speed limit. If you must drive slower than what is posted you should use the right lane. Got it?

Will the last person employed in the Charlotte Observer newsroom please turn out the lights?