The Buzz

Is it coincidence that following California's decision to allow gay marriage the state experiences multiple wildfires and now an earthquake?

When was the last time you heard of a crazed liberal going on a shooting rampage in a church or mall or school?

If the federal deficit is going to be at record levels, how do we justify spending $48 billion to fight AIDS in Africa? Also, could that money not help with the free medical program in Charlotte?

The Republican legacy after eight years of total control? The biggest deficit on record for America; the biggest profit on record for Exxon-Mobil.

Sure, the Germans can't vote in our election, but it sure was nice to see thousands of people cheering an American for the first time since Reagan.

If Obama wins this election, the Germans (and the rest of Europe) probably will be able to vote in the following election.

Canada and Mexico will have a big problem with illegal immigration if Obama is elected.

What happened to Sen. McCain's promise to run a clean campaign? If he can't tell me what he would do for the country instead of blasting his opponent, he has lost my vote.

In using diplomacy with Iran we would do well to heed the advice of Al Capone: “Kind words and a gun are more effective than kind words.”