The Buzz

Not surprising US Airways is keeping most Charlotte flights. The ridiculous airfares we pay are probably keeping them in business.

If only 2 percent of the population still have analog TV, why are we spending $ 1.5 billion to tell them to buy a new TV?

I've shopped Wal-Mart for the last time now that they are pressuring managers and employees to vote Republican this fall. Outrageous!

Never been much of a Wal-Mart shopper – until now!

First they stop passing out pretzels. Now USAirways is going to charge for soda and coffee. What's next, a pay toilet?

If you're upset about the salary of Okafor or any other pro athlete, then don't buy tickets, jerseys or watch the games on TV. All those factors drive the salaries.

Now that Bobcats Arena is Time-Warner Cable Arena, is Coach Brown now Larry, the Cable Guy?

Thank God the Wachovia arts building is still going up. Now that they've laid me off I need something to do.

To the butthead in the black Acura and business suit behind me laying their horn on: My “right” to turn on red doesn't mean I'm “required” to turn on red into heavy on- coming traffic with children in my car because you're in a hurry.

The only race that worries me about Obama is the presidential.