The Buzz

Is it only a rumor or is Brett Favre really going to play for Independence High?

I Googled “Countries with the highest standard of living” and “Countries with the happiest people.” The top four in both searches were socialist countries. Why are so many Americans brainwashed to fear socialism.

Can we produce enough electricity to supply our homes and businesses and run our electric cars, too?

When Europeans hear Americans worry about stooping “down to their level,” no wonder they cheer one of us who gives them some respect. And we call the French arrogant?

To retaliate for the Dale Trail fiasco the Kannapolis City Council should ban all Martha Stewart signs in their local K-Mart.

If gas goes from $3.95 to $4.05, we're irate. If it goes from $4.05 to $3.95 we're elated. Folks, that's manipulation.

The first one to spot a McCain sticker on a Prius wins a prize.

Stop female terrorists in Iraq by requiring all women to wear bikinis when in public.

Krauthammer, Parker, Williams, Kristol? Be careful, Observer, or you may lose your “most favored” status at the liberal funny farm.

Why is it that students can move to a magnet school of choice for curriculum purposes but not for football?