The Buzz

In addition to being an outstanding receiver, Steve Smith is also a great “sucker puncher.” He is two for two in slugging teammates when they're sitting down.

Fining Steve Smith the equivalent of two regular season games pay punishes him appropriately. Not letting him play in two regular season games punishes the team and the fans, not Steve Smith. That's stupid and counter-productive!

Smith feels horrible? Imagine how we'll feel if the Panthers lose the first two games and just miss the playoffs.

These recent attacks on John Edwards makes me wonder if Bush crony Carl Rove is on the Observer payroll.

What kind of moron paid for a poll to determine who low wage workers will vote for? What's next, a poll for who oil company execs will vote for? If ya'll would just call me, I could make this stuff easier for you.

If we increase the supply of oil through offshore drilling, will the OPEC countries decrease their production in order to keep prices up?

If Charlotte's disability claims process is crippled we need to rehabilitate its management.

Sen. McCain's campaign has launched a series of negative ads about Sen. Obama on the Internet, That's laughable, since McCain admitted he can't access the Internet without help from his wife.

Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens is exactly why term limits should be the first phase of political reform!.