The Buzz

To prove he is, indeed, technically savvy, Sen. McCain today gave reporters a demonstration on the new Etch-A-Sketch his staff purchased for him.

I imagine the only change that Obama has performed involved his children's diapers.

Obama and McCain in a dead heat. Here's something we can all agree on: The country's half crazy.

Listening to McCain's speeches I can tell he's well versed on all issues from A to zzzzzzzzzz.

Hey Steve Smith, has the word “TEAMMATE” ever crossed your mind?

Ken Lucas, you are a giant of a man for forgiving Steve.

As painful as it might be at this time, the Carolina Panthers have no choice: They must part ways with Steve Smith.

God and Ken Lucas have forgiven Steve Smith. It's time for everyone else to forgive him too.

George Bush said America is “addicted” to oil. John McCain's proposal to drill for more oil is like offering a junkie another fix.

Face it, folks: Neither McCain nor Obama has an economic plan to rescue our country. It will take drastic measures, and neither of them has the courage to stand up for the people against their financial supporters.