The Buzz

The premier statesmen of modern times – Churchill, Adenauer, de Gaulle, Reagan – left office at ages 81, 87, 79 and 78. Wisdom and experience take time.

Does President Bush not see the irony when he says, “Russia has invaded a sovereign country. This is unacceptable”?

If you believe that our liberating a dictatorship is the same as Putin invading a country with a democratically elected government, your moral compass needs an adjustment.

As long as the Europeans warm their buns with Russian gas, Georgia can expect no help from their neighboring “democracies.”

If Charlotte wants to emulate Seattle, instead of capping a freeway how about making it rain?

I don't think an 11 year-old in “Young Voices” is the best person to ask about John Edwards' affair & its political ramifications. Why not question someone who's old enough to vote and who understands the tragedy of an affair?

Inability to find a playing date seems like a flimsy excuse for UNCC and Davidson to end a 29-year basketball tradition.

Observer columnist Mary Cunningham openly rejects biblical truth in her defense of homosexuality. Local “men of God” should write a Bible-based response, but it's doubtful that any of them will. Wimps!

I paid more income tax between 1998 and 2005 than did two thirds of American corporations.