The Buzz

Anyone know why milk is a dollar a gallon cheaper in Michigan? Maybe the cows in North Carolina get paid more?.

To the buzzer who pays more taxes than the corporations: When was the last time you sent your congressman on a cruise or picked up the tab for his new car?

Is it not ironic, that like Sampson, John Edwards' troubles started after he had a haircut.

I wonder how many people in bankruptcy because of their mortgage were issued credit cards from the mortgage holder so they could buy furniture that caused them further problems.

Hillary for V.P. is can't-lose for Obama: It'll secure the women-scorned vote and inspire thousands more to pray for his good health.

The Aug. 13 headline should have read “No one has more gold,” not “No one's got more gold.” Where are the Observer's grammar police?

First the banking industry got Congress to write bankruptcy laws favoring the lenders. Then they made credit easier to obtain, often without verification of income. Now they want a taxpayer bailout. Sounds like a plan to me.

Why are there so many liberals in universities? Simple. That's where the smart people are.

If cheating on your wife disqualifies you for the presidency, should McCain withdraw his name from nomination?