The Buzz

I doubt Thomas Jefferson would recognize Georgia as the democracy that President Bush claims it is.

Does it bother anyone that gas is 30 to 35 cents lower in the eastern half of N.C.? Who is gouging?

If nothing else, Young Voices spotlights the leftish, lockstep brainwashing of kids in our public schools.

After 25 years in the building industry I am convinced that if architects and engineers had to build what they draw, we would know where Noah's Ark is, because it would not be finished yet.

Those who are righteously indignant over the John Edwards saga ought to look into John McCain's marital history.

Bush haters take notice – our economy, oil prices and the stock market were fine until we elected a Democratic-controlled Congress.

John Edwards failed to learn from Strom Thurmond that the way to save your reputation in an extramarital affair is to reveal it after your death.

A “cap” over I-277 creates a tunnel. Let's hope the budget allows for lights and replacement bulbs!

The two worst problems in global politics: Russia's Vladimir Putin isn't the man he appears to be. And George W. Bush is.

It's a good thing Phelps can swim. If he keeps winning, the Chinese are going to make him swim home.