The Buzz

Michael Phelps swims like a man with a porpoise!

Confederate state supporters: It's been 150 years. You lost. Get over it. And take your stupid flag with you.

If the girls were not half naked, would we have “Beach Volleyball” EVERY single night during prime time of the Olympic coverage?

Do kids now play “Cowboys and Native Americans”?

Putin knows that due to U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush can do nothing more than bluster about Georgia.

With 300 million people in this country, where are the leaders? I struggle to understand how these clowns are the best we find to apply for the job of commander in chief.

It's reassuring to know the U.S. is in such good shape that Bush can take an extended vacation at his ranch, especially after his exhausting trip to Beijing to watch swimming and play a bit of beach volleyball.

To save time, let me write all the libs' Buzzes for the week: “McCain is old.” “We hate Bush.” “We're smarter than you.” That should do it.

Sorry, Obama. My tires are up to 120 PSI, but the car's still out of gas.

Obama promised “change,” and that's exactly what he's been doing: constantly changing his positions.

Everyone talks, but no one listens.