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Who would have thought that Paris Hilton would have a better energy plan than either presidential candidate?

Attention, Christians: Republicans trot out the abortion issue every election to get votes, then say nothing more about it until the next election.

Apparently conservatives don't think very often either. They voted Bush in – not once, but twice!

If liberals don't hate – Bush, conservatives, Fox, evangelicals, pro-lifers, native Southerners, for starters – somebody's ghostwriting their letters, blogs and Buzzes.

McCain now has indicated that he endorses a draft. How many wars does he plan on starting? Parents should seriously consider this when going to the polls in November.

McCain couldn't remember who the factions were in Iraq, he discussed the Iraq-Pakistan border (doesn't exist), discussed Czechoslovakia (hasn't existed in a decade) and now he can't remember how many houses he owns. What further proof does anyone need that he can no longer cut the presidential mustard?

Obama says he has chosen his VP but won't say anything else until he introduces that person to the world. Name one foreign country where citizens are waiting breathlessly to know his choice. Sheer arrogance!

After the Saddleback Forum, Obama's fawning media retreated to the “nuanced” line of defense – a tactic of an army in disarray.