So-called ‘free choice act' limits workers' choices

From Bob Morgan, president, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce:

MaryBe McMillan of the AFL-CIO endorses the misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” but does little to educate the public about actual provisions of the bill.

When the devilish details of this legislation are examined, it's clear why even union supporter George McGovern opposes this bill.The most noted provision will end the election process for unionization efforts. Rather than workers voting via secret ballot, with those who prefer not to unionize subject to the repeated pressure of their pro-union coworkers.

This process would apply not just to large workforces, but to small businesses as well. In a five employee business, if two pro-union workers can pressure a third into signing a union card, then a union is formed.Worse yet, under the proposed legislation, once a union is formed the business owner has 90 days to enter into a collective bargaining agreement with the union.

The agreement sets wage rates, insurance requirements, and other work conditions. If no agreement is reached within 90 days, the business owner must submit to binding arbitration through which an employee of the federal government will set the companies wages and benefits.

North Carolina will not be immune because it is a right to work state. If this legislation passes, a worker could find their workplace unionized without voting on the issue and subjected to working conditions determined by a collective bargaining agreement workers never voted on.