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Obama is alienating everyone by not taking moral positions on any issues. He has alienated the progressives in his own party. A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.

If Russia attacks Poland, a NATO member, are we obligated to defend Poland?

Republicans who “swift boated” John Kerry's Vietnam service are outraged at any questioning of McCain's service. What hypocrisy!

Under a McCain presidency would a woman impregnated by a rape be denied the right to terminate the pregnancy?

McCain doesn't know how many homes he owns. I know my mortgage balance, my monthly payment, how many payments left and everything relating to my home, just like the average American. And Obama's the elitist?

The elitist is the presidential candidate who owns seven (or whatever) houses. If you don't make $250,000 per year and you're thinking of voting for McCain, you're not thinking at all.

Our liberal friends tell us even if we drill in ANWR it will take 7-10 years to get the oil. If President Clinton had not stopped us from drilling in the '90s we'd already be receiving the oil. Wonder what that would have done to the price of gas now?

If we change to electric cars, where will the electricity to charge the batteries come from? Not from the coal-fired or nuclear power plants that the liberals won't let the power companies build.