The Buzz

Will World War III be brought to you by the same pack of clowns that brought you the highly successful Iraq war?

It's evident that Barack is at his best, speaking and thinking, when he's standing – in front of a teleprompter.

The number of houses a candidate has is as relevant as the color of his socks as to what kind of leader he would be. Is this the best Obama has against McCain?

I can't wait to hear the GOP keynote speech of Rudy Giuliani, a confessed adulterer, as he sings the moral praises of John McCain, another confessed adulterer.

In 1776 liberal thinkers fought for change and created a country dedicated to freedom for all. Frightened conservatives clung to the king and empire. Funny how things don't change, isn't it?

Every year we wait to leave Iraq will cost us dearly in lives and money. If you support McCain, I hope you'll apologize to the parents of the next 1,000 dead U.S. soldiers.

Why have black people allowed the media to co-opt the image of Dr. King and soil it with the image of Obama, the corporate politician? The two men are polar opposites.

Obama's speeches are uplifting and soaring (albeit kind of empty) while McCain's range from boring to snoring. The candidates need to cut to the chase.

How dare Democrat liberals stab the troops in the back by pointing out that McCain can't remember how many mansions he and his wife own?