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How can the United Way board repeatedly and publicly laud the performance of Gloria Pace King, then force her out? The party at fault is the board for overpaying her, not her for accepting the money.

Now Michelle Obama has decided she loves this country. How is that for a big change?

And the Academy Award for Best Makeover goes to … Michelle Obama, for being unrecognizable from the bitter, entitled America-hating racist she was six months ago.

Another bureaucracy bites the dust. From the SEC to FEMA to every alphabet-soup government failure. Name one that's done its job.

Listen to T. Boone Pickens? The guy who funded the Swift Boat ads? I don't think so!

McCain shouldn't be president because he's too rich and successful? Now there's some logic for you. Yeah, I'd rather have a flunkie/failure running my country.

If American forces leave Iraq by 2012 they will have been there nine years. That's hardly an admission of defeat. It's a signal that the Iraqis are able to police their own country.

Sen. Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy were pitch perfect! What a one-two punch to the Republicans!

Pigeons mate for life. Why can't Republicans?

Why weren't Democrats appalled by Teresa Heinz and John Kerry's five homes worth over $30 million?