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Young black guy picks old white guy. Check.Old white guypicks young white gal. Checkmate.

If the United Way board and its members want to instill confidence, Mac Everett should donate his $20,000 monthly interim salary back to the United Way..He probably doesn't need the money....unless, of course, the bulk of his retirement was in his former employer's stock.

Sarah Palin is a natural for a Republican administration – she's never lived in Washington and already she's under investigation for wrongdoing…

Obama has as much national executive and commander in chief leadership as Reagan or GW Bush. The difference is McCain would do the same as GW Bush, and Barack will do the right thing.

Am I the only one that thinks that Bill Clinton looks like he is W. C. Fields' son?

You DO have a “flunkie/failure” running your country. Where have you been the last 8 years?

I wonder how much Gloria Pace King will be giving to the United Way this year...

Lowering the drinking age to eliminate binge drinking at colleges is like keeping your screen door open in case a fly wants to go out.

Know way, know how, KNOW Obama!

Gloria Pace King only took what she was granted.