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If Gov. Palin really does not know what the vice president does, I hope that she is a quick study.

So wait, I am confused. We don't want our President to be popular?

Sorry John, but your choice of a running mate is Palin comparison to Senator Obama's.

As governor of a state, Palin has more experience to run this country than either Obama or McCain.

It seemed an impossible task. But John McCain found a running mate from a state less nationally relevant than Delaware.

Over the past few weeks it is apparent that the presidential campaigns are more interested in playing games with this process than worrying about the future of this country.

Sara Palin: An Empty Pantsuit!

It's amazing that with the barrage of ads from out-of-state Democrats, not one is positive. If things are so bad, what are the plans to fix them? Beware of modern day Carpetbaggers!

John McCain was for experience before he was against it.

No one working for a non-profit organization should make $20,000.00 per month!!

Madness. Sheer political madness. A heartbeat away from the presidency. Both running mates. If that is a sign of their ability to be president…. It is write-in time.