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Republicans are smarter than Democrats. They have enough sense to put the lightweight on the bottom of the ticket.

Bill Diehl doesn't cut his hair because he thinks he's the Ric Flair of the courtroom.

Politicians are playing with the minds of Americans and it's working. Why else would the Democrats have their convention in Denver, one of the most conservative cities in the country, while the Republicans host theirs in St. Paul, one of the most liberal?

Obama has promised government programs larger the ever before with zero executive experience while give 95 percent of the people will get a tax break. Is there something wrong here?

Know what the GOP has with a John McCain-Sarah Palin ticket? “Palinty” of nothing!

Anyone who thinks the Republicans are the ones battering the Constitution should take the time to read the Constitution.

Republicans ask where is Obama going to get the money to pay for the programs he proposes. This is not a problem at all – he will take back the record tax cuts that were so generously given to the rich by George W. Bush.

A 5 percent drop in contributions will keep 250 people out of the Center of Hope shelter. Drop pay and benefits by 5 percent of the people running United Way and you help many more people.