The Buzz

If the Founding Fathers were here today, they would hit the reset button.

Vice presidential candidate Palin was for earmarks before she was against earmarks.

Far too often it seems the first casualty of a political career is the family.

Obama's mother was three months pregnant when she married, so whyyyyy all this media finger pointing, huhhhhh?

When the U.S. Senate has an approval rating of 11 percent, I don't think I would brag about my vast experience as a senator.

Sarah Palin is the governor of a state that has no state income tax, no sales tax and all the residents get a rebate check at the end of the year from the oil companies. I sure wish she was our governor.

The hypocrisy of the Left: It is perfectly OK to have an inexperienced person as president, but unacceptable to have a somewhat experienced person as vice-president.

Gov. Palin is ready to be vice president because the vice president does not do very much.

Sarah Palin is “proud of Bristol's decision to have her baby.” So Bristol apparently had a choice that Gov. Palin would deny to everyone else.

Gov. Sarah Palin ruled over an Alaska that led in consumption of the other white meat – pork.