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By resigning from the United Way board, Mr. Denton took the first step. The rest of the board should follow his lead.

Mac Everett defends his $20,000 a month United Way salary (on top of a generous retirement) by saying he didn't ask for the job. Is there not one retiree in this World Class City who would donate his services to doing good for those in need?

One of the nicest things about being retired is not having to deal with the annual United Way “tax.”

After eight years of the guys we'd like to go to a barbecue with, can we please vote for the smart people this time?

Nancy Pelosi also has five children. No one comments on her maternal responsibilities.

Now that Palin is the Republican VP candidate, I hear the GOP wants Jerry Springer to be moderator of the vice presidential debate.

News flash for Sarah Palin: Really successful women lead with their smarts, not sarcasm.

The Palins say they are “proud” of their daughter's decision to keep her baby. Decision? That's a choice, right? So the Palins are pro-choice!

In her elections Palin didn't use her husband's money like Pelosi or her husband's influence like Clinton. No wonder the Democrats are in a panic.

Jesus Christ was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.