The Buzz

Obama and Biden have voted with their Democratic comrades 96 percent and 96.6 percent of the time, respectively. Do you call that “change we can believe in”?

Where was John McCain's flag pin? Why does he hate America?

Why would Alaskans want to put lipstick on their pit bulls? Is it so they'll know which end to kiss?

So now it's OK to be an unmarried, pregnant teen-ager. Wow! The Republicans are more liberal than I am.

I am a woman, and the day I vote for a woman because she is a woman is the day I will go ahead and accept my membership card for STUPID!

It appears that conservatives think a man should be responsible for what his minister does but a woman should not be responsible for what her daughter does.

I don't know who you perceive as your audience, but the five ladies' outfits shown in The Observer's Style section retail for $2,051, $1,449, $1,379, $1,820, and $2,691 – a week's worth for only $9,390. In this economy? Are you serious?

Republicans spent all summer painting Obama as someone with no experience who gives a good speech. So who do they pick for their vice presidential candidate? Someone with no experience who gives a good speech.

When we hear a great political speech, is there anyway to elect the speechwriter?