The Buzz

Our banks are losing billions, our housing market is stuck on dead, our roads are crumbling and somebody wants to throw another $32 million in city money at a stupid race car museum? You're joking, right?

If you're dumb enough to build a hall of fame for people who drive cars around in a circle, then you're dumb enough to get ripped-off for the cost of it.

So Obama is not going to be bullied by a 44-year-old hockey mom. That sound you hear is Putin laughing.

John McCain is a real magician. He pulls a Palin out of the hat and makes his 26-year Senate career disappear.

I'm not questioning Sarah Palin's right to run for VP or her duties as a mother. I'm questioning her judgment, her fitness for the job, her qualifications and her radical views.

Do we really want Sarah Palin choosing Supreme Court justices. The answer: YES!

While we all focus on the drama of Sarah Palin, what are we missing? She's the ultimate red herring.

Now that Palin is on the campaign trail full-time, who's overseeing Alaska's complex foreign policy issues?

Do we really want another C student in the White House?

Americans act like abused spouses. Republicans beat them up for eight years, yet they're ready to take them back when they say they'll change.