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It is sad to see the current Sen. McCain run for the presidency that he is clearly no longer healthy enough to fill well.

Re the Buzzer who claims Palin has “viciously” pushed Bush's views down our throats: the only thing “vicious” about Sarah Palin is the Democrats' constant attacks on her.

Replaying the horror of 9-11 at the Republican convention was a new low, even for Republicans!

Barack: You are in a presidential campaign – NOT a stand-up comedy show!

Maybe Gloria Pace King could help pay for some of the NASCAR Hall of Fame increase.

Palin's prep team is a who's who of ex-Bush campaign staffers. Don't let the change and maverick talk fool you. McCain/Palin = Bush's Third Term.

Is this an out-of-control beauty contest, or is this nation really electing the next intelligent leader of the free world?

Gov. Palin appeals to “stay at home moms” and “working moms,” so she brings these two groups into the McCain camp.

The federal government going “a little bit” into supporting the financial institutions is like a girl that is a little bit pregnant.

Reading “The Buzz” comments printed daily makes me feel as if I am surrounded by a bunch of cynical Yankees. . . oh yeah, I am.