The Buzz

World oil prices and gasoline prices are going in opposite directions. Is the Earth still round?.

If the Palin/McCain combo is lying to us now, imagine how frightening their administration would be when they have the power to control what the public is told!

The McCain supporters who believe their candidate will bring change should just flip their “W” stickers over to “M”. That's about all the change you're going to get.

I can hardly wait for the stock analysts and brokers to give us the bright side of this economic mess.

The gas companies must think we're all stupid. As I waited on a 30-minute line to get gas I realized they're probably right.

Pouring ever more public money into the unsustainable NASCAR Hall of Fame is throwing good money after bad. Implode it and cut our certain losses.

I miss the days when the Saturday morning paper arrived with a cold cereal sample and coupon. Can we now look forward to right-wing, anti-Islamic, fear-based propaganda instead of the free sugar buzz?

If Obama had had the courage to select Hillary Clinton as his running mate, we never would have heard of Sarah Palin.

Apparently Palin's high-school exit paper was titled “Things I said I did last summer, but didn't actually do.”

For the Dems, Sarah's a palindrome: She's got 'em coming and going.