The Buzz

The first presidential candidate to favor the death penalty for littering cigarette butts gets my vote.

Since McCain has sold his soul to win this election, if he DOES win should we call his wife Cindy the "Faust Lady"?

If Palin thinks we'll believe her fairy-tale version of the Bridge to Nowhere story, then she has the brain to nowhere.

Charles (whoops, “Charlie”) Gibson's snotty interrogation of Sarah Palin just might be all it takes to put McCain in the White House.

If McCain can't answer questions from the women on “The View,” then how would he answer questions from the rest of women?

If we have offshore drilling in the Atlantic, it's not only the oil derricks but also any refineries, shipping and storage facilities onshore that will be subject to damage by hurricanes.

To female Hillary supporters who can't bring themselves to vote for a black man: When you wake up one morning in 2009, and you don't have health insurance or the freedom to choose and your children are off fighting another senseless war, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Palin's comment that the Iraq war is tied up with 9-11 terrorists has been completely discredited. But there are fools born every minute, and she must be counting on them.

If it has rained enough to permit watering our lawns, has it not rained enough for our lawns not to need watering?