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After the past week's financial debacle, I've finally stopped saying, “What more could possibly go wrong now?”

John McCain called American workers the backbone of the nation's economy. Are those the same people his economics adviser Phil Gramm called a nation of whiners?

When you gather around the Thanksgiving table this November, be thankful that George Bush and John McCain were not allowed to privatize your Social Security.

Remember the notorious line from the movie “Wall Street”: “Greed is good!” Ask the real Wall Street about that now!

Now I think I understand free market economics: Whenever corporations get into financial trouble in the market, the government uses taxpayer dollars to bail them out for free.

The bad news is the three gas stations near my house in Cotswold are still out of gas. The good news is they've dropped the price to $3.99!

When will America to wake up and get on a 12-step program to cure our consumerism addiction?

Now it's official – the Baby Boomers have really screwed things up! It's time for them to step aside.

Police Chief Rodney Monroe's on-the-job experience is much more valuable than any college degree he could ever earn anywhere. For heaven's sake, let's give him a chance to do the job he was hired to do.