The Buzz

For those who want freedom of choice: You can choose to have sex or not have sex, to practice birth control or not, to keep the child or put up for adoption.

If McCain ran an airline, I don't think I'd be comfortable flying on it, considering how poorly his team inspected his running mate's baggage.

Those of us with Flex Fuel vehicles can purchase all the fuel we want without limits or lines for $3.49 per gallon. Maybe we should trust the American farmer rather than big oil and the Arab sheiks.

An old man with old ideas wants to be president, and he chooses a young woman with no ideas to be VP. Funny? No, terrifying.

In deference to Sen. McCain's failing memory, interviewers asking him about countries and/or world leaders should supply him with multiple- choice answers.

As an honor graduate of the “McCain School of Geographic Ineptitude,” Sarah Palin today began a speech in Cedar Rapids with “Grand Rapids.” Golly gee, there's a lot to learn in VP School!

Dems cry that Palin is too inexperienced to be VP, yet in 2004 they had no problem supporting novice John Edwards for the same position.

Now I understand the Republican right wing's notion of laissez faire capitalism: Profits are privatized while massive losses are socialized.

Maybe I'd feel better about Palin's handle on the economy if she could see Wall Street from her house.