The Buzz

To the offended mother in the Stallings grocery store: Obama may not physically kill babies, but his votes have helped keep that legal.

Catholic or pro-choice – choose one. Want religion a la carte? Go to church at Burger King.

You can't beat Catholic women for fertility, but for scriptural morality give me those “mostly old, mostly white, mostly celibate” men.

Crisis Assistance Ministry should be handing out birth control information.

Don't think the financial crisis affects the poor? Wait until you're looking for a better job and find yourself in line behind millions of better qualified applicants.

White female downsized twice in two years attended Obama rally looking for glimmer of hope!

Is there anything the Obama campaign isn't promising to fix?

Obama, Pelosi, Reid? Think!

Obama voted with Democrats 97 percent of the time…. Where's the change?

“We've got them just where we want them!” – McCain, 2008…. Custer, 1876.

Obama a socialist? It's Bush who nationalized banks, insurance companies and mortgage markets.

So socialism is OK “in an emergency”?

McCain's own wife is a socialite!