The Buzz

What's the Observer's diet secret? You seem to be getting skinnier by the day.

If Obama is elected, I vow to cease charitable donations – government will be taking care of the poor.

Folks using “celebrity” like a four-letter word are the very ones who sold us a movie star – and are now trying to sell us a beauty queen.

I don't fear anyone's middle name. I fear those who do.

David Walters for mayor!

Henry Paulson gives new meaning to the term “national bank.”

Novice musician's route to Carnegie Hall: Practice, practice, practice. Novice Democrat's route to White House: Promise, promise, promise.

Why does the Observer believe its readers care what ineligible voters – 14-year-olds – think about the election?

Is everyone who blamed high oil and gas prices on George W. Bush now giving him credit for lower prices?

Bad news: fewer comic strips. Worse news: “Doonesbury” still among them.

Rockingham got its bypass because it's on the way to the beach. Monroe?

Have you noticed those guys by the road holding a “Hungry” sign no longer look so far away?