Changes to Viewpoint on Monday, Tuesday

You may have noticed a change to today's Viewpoint page, and Monday's. Viewpoint will now be a half-page on those two days each week. Other days will not change.

This new look is a response to the slow economy and rising costs in the newspaper industry.

On Mondays, we will continue to get your week started with Kevin Siers' “You Write the Caption” cartoon contest, as well as the best public affairs jokes from late-night comedians. And on Tuesdays we will run a mix of syndicated columnists and local columnists, as well as readers' thoughts in The Buzz.

Accompanying these changes will be something we hope you'll like, at We will begin running online a selection of columns from local and syndicated writers that don't make it into the print edition. We receive dozens of such offerings everyday, many from local readers, and don't have room for most of them. Now you can read many of those online, and join a virtual conversation about them.

Let me know what you think, and what else you'd like to see in print or online. I'm at

Taylor Batten, Editorial Page Editor