The Buzz

Is Chief Monroe unaware how many innocent bystanders are injured and killed in police chases?

Finally, Liddy Dole does something – even if it's only approving her campaign ads.

Third-quarter economic growth in China slowed to 9 percent?

Tell us, Gov. Palin – how can us city folks become “hard-working, very patriotic, very pro-America”?

When you park illegally in a fire zone at the grocery store, turning on your flashers doesn't make you invisible.

Go ahead – just try to Swift Boat Gen. Powell.

The Republicans made Colin Powell and now he abandons them. I'm glad I didn't go to war with him!

Such a large front-page photo of McCain's rally at the Cabarrus Arena – while the 100,000 who turned out to hear Obama in St. Louis are hidden on 15A.

What would the polls look like if Obama weren't outspending McCain 2-to-1?

$150 million in campaign contributions? During a month of global financial meltdown?

I've been to the polls – and it is all about race!

Please, candidates, no mo robo!