The Buzz

I guess Robin Hayes himself qualifies as a real American because he worked so hard and – wait, no, actually Hayes married an heir to the Cannon fortune, didn't he?

I was excited about the school board becoming functional again, until I heard George Dunlap's appointment as county commissioner had been blocked.

I won – I bet my buddy that Colin Powell's endorsement would elicit at least one Buzz about race.

It wasn't Democrats who put Colin Powell (and Condoleezza Rice) into positions of power.

Might the best candidate for president have been legally aborted 35 years ago?

Better to tax and spend than to borrow and go bankrupt.

Four pieces of mail today from Republicans. Not one mention of McCain. Have they forgotten their candidate's name?

If it is “all about race,” why so many Obama signs in Eastover and down Main Street in Davidson?

Palin can be vice president of Alaska when it secedes from the Union!

Aren't you glad we have Social Security? And we need more socialism to control the greed and recklessness of Wall Street.

My Observer is too skinny to even swat a fly!