ACORN's acts invite fraud

Already this election season, ACORN has been the subject of investigations in Durham and Wake Counties. More than 100 fraudulent forms have been identified as originating from ACORN workers in North Carolina.

ACORN directors have responded to criticism of their voter registration operations by saying that the fraudulent forms returned by their workers are a low percentage of the total forms they turn in. However, ACORN is an organization that is partially subsidized by tax dollars. The utmost standards of fairness and legality must be followed when it comes to organizations that are supported by the taxpayers.

Taking public money demands that you uphold the public trust. ACORN has failed again and again to show the ability to do just that. This is an organization that has paid campaign workers according to how many voters they register. This invites fraud and foul play.

Going through phone book

Is there any reason to be shocked then when we learn that ACORN workers are registering some voters dozens of times or just going through the phone book and copying down names and addresses?

This behavior is unacceptable.

Voters interested in free and fair elections should know that the North Carolina Republican Party remains vigilant against efforts to engage in voter fraud. We have a highly trained team in place to ensure that our elections are carried out in accordance with the law.

Deserve faith in process

Hardworking North Carolinians do not deserve to have their votes watered down by the fraudulent and illegal acts of a few. We deserve to have faith in our election process.

But if we choose to accept and tolerate registration fraud, people will lose faith in our democracy. Good people of both parties must stand against registration fraud and voter fraud to ensure the integrity of our elections and to protect the public's interest.

Possibly the most troubling aspect of ACORN's involvement in this year's election process is the organization's connections to Sen. Barack Obama. Sen. Obama paid ACORN $800,000 for voter registration efforts done on behalf of the presidential candidate. ACORN has publicly endorsed Obama and worked toward supporting his candidacy. Now the organization is embroiled in more than a dozen investigations in areas all across the country, including reports of investigations by the FBI.

Wants to elect Obama

ACORN has made it clear they will stop at nothing to elect Obama the next president whether by hook or by crook. Obama has made it clear that he will do or say anything to become president.

What will Barack Obama owe to this special interest group if he is elected president? How will he use our tax dollars to reward his friends if he makes it to the White House? I hope we never find out.