The Buzz

Could history show “plumbers” exposing a scoundrel for the second time?

Fair and balanced? The closer we get to the election, the fewer conservative buzzers or Forum letters get published.

McCain doesn't like redistributing the wealth. Looks to me like the Republican plan is to remove the wealth so that we're all paupers.

I like these robo-calls. Yesterday I got to hang up on Rudy Giuliani.

Is Obama trying to steal the election, or buy it … or both?

Scary thought: If the polls are right, my son, with eight months as an Army private, will have more military experience than the next commander in chief.

Sign of the times: An elderly man on the street corner with a sign: “Will work for health insurance.”

Wachovia losses, $24 billion. Better double the executive severance packages.

I take umbrage that it was said Robin Hayes married the Cannon money. Nope, he took the easy way – he was the grandson of the Cannon founder.

The TV ads for politicos make the car dealers' ads look thoughtful and tasteful.