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I hate being used. For years they used my faith just to get my vote. What has it gotten us? Republican no more.

I had to call “Joe the Plumber” last week. He had to use special equipment to clear the lines from my dishwasher – at $125 an hour! Joe doesn't seem to be doing too badly.

I hope Sarah Palin can shoot a gun better than Dick Cheney.

Come on Republicans, you know that Barack went to Hawaii just to get the “Granny” vote.

Wake up America!! It is not too late to keep Obama, the socialist, out of office. Let's not take this great country down that road.

I really like Michele Obama's pie analogy. I just want to know what right Obama has to take the pie I worked for and give it to those who sit home on their rumps? I work two jobs, and my pie means a lot to me.

Am I missing something? John McCain says he has been tested. Was he president before, and I never knew about it?

Notice Hillary crossing her fingers behind her back while stumping for Obama in Florida?

Give me a $150,000 shopping spree to SouthPark and I'll stand in a three-hour line to vote for McCain/Palin.

When John McCain goes against his party, he's a maverick. When Colin Powell goes against his party, he's a traitor.

They may steal our signs, but that won't stop us from voting.