The Buzz

“Our choice: Obama”? – I'm stunned, Observer!

Wonder of wonders!

Who ever would've thought it?

I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you!

In other “news” the sun came up today – and it'll be dark tonight.

What's with fans doing the wave when the Panthers had the ball? Don't distract the offense!

Scarier thought: Your Army private son “has more military experience” than our current commander in chief.

Could you have played the “McCrory for Governor” sign any bigger on Friday's front page?

We're in a Bear Stearns market.

Are Dems so afraid of reminding us Michelle is part of the package that she can't even accompany her husband to visit his dying grandmother?

What nerve! Robin Hayes should be thankful dueling is illegal.

Have you lied to a pollster today? I have!