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Anonymous comments from our readers on issues of the day

Does the Buzzer worried about his pie being given to “those who sit home on their rumps” prefer it be given to Wall Street bankers sitting on their yachts?

Government can give someone else a piece of your pie, but no government in the history of mankind has ever baked a pie.

The Lord giveth, Obama taketh away.

You'd rather “go broke with McCain than socialist with Obama”? After eight years of deregulation, of unprecedented spending and of tax gifts to the wealthy, we are broke!

Obama endorsed? I'm stunned, Anchorage Daily News!

If it's “all about race,” why didn't Powell endorse presidential candidates Jackson, Sharpton, Moseley Braun, Chisholm or Keyes?

Imagine how far ahead Obama would be if he were white.

Whichever team has the ball, the wave was lame 20 years ago.

Reserve a special circle in hell for drivers who, when turning left at an intersection or exiting a driveway, don't look both ways for pedestrians – especially when “Walk” is flashing!

GM, please lay off the guy responsible for the temporary spare tire and Tinkertoy jack I had to use to change my wife's flat.

“Half of doctors give placebos” – and all politicians.