The Buzz

“Imagine how far ahead Obama would be if he were white”? If he were white, Hillary would be the candidate.

If he were white and couldn't count on 95 percent of the black vote?

Imagine how far ahead Obama would be if he were pro-American.

The Observer's cost-cutting has made Neighbors a mess. What was once a looked-forward-to Sunday morning read is now the first section into the recycle bin.

“Dr. Perdue, I'm real congested.” “Nonsense, Ms. Mecklenburg, it's all in your head.”

I-485: Fire Skanska, hire Brad Pitt and Harry Connick Jr.

Want to keep gas below $3? Keep driving as if it were $4.

People who listen to Rush Limbaugh for the “real” news are the ones who fear Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck will show up to vote.

Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin – God uses principled women to bless a nation!

Alan Greenspan can admit he's been wrong. Now can Bush – and all those who voted for him?

Raise your hand if you're among the 10 percent satisfied with Bush. I'll treat you to a Happy Meal.