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Remember the '96 GOP convention when Liddy Dole spoke with such grace and class? What the heck happened?

If Liddy Dole had worked as hard at being a senator as she is at getting re-elected, maybe she would've ranked higher than 93rd.

Patrick McHenry uses the “l-word” with the same tone usually reserved for the “n-word.”

McCain by 20 points? South Carolina, you're pathetic!

Waiting in line at the polls, I had to wonder who'd be getting the vote of the young guy behind me in the Hugo Chavez T-shirt.

The opposite of “spread the wealth” is “consolidate the wealth.”

When you pay an employee, you “spread the wealth.”

The guy who eats plankton wants to “spread the health.”

Democrats don't “punish success.” They recognize the disproportionate credit given those at the top.

Why do Democrats favor programs the outcome of which can't be measured?

Lucky for civil rights that Susie Sharp was a “strict constructionist,” pledged to put aside her personal biases.

No cause for enemies to “test” Obama – they know he'll flunk.