The Buzz

Shouldn't somebody who's just landed an $80,000 raise be buying her own $332 caviar cocktails?

After standing in line for two hours, I searched the ballot in vain for a chance to vote for “SOUP.”

So sad, T. Boone Pickens' money problems. Maybe he shouldn't have put $3 million into Swift-boating John Kerry.

Why is a Senate candidate in North Carolina going to a fundraiser in Massachusetts anyway?

If you accept money from atheists, don't be surprised if you're called one.

What a shame Sen. Dole will be remembered more for the past few days than for her many years of service.

Could the Sarah Palin so glowingly portrayed by Kaye McGarry be any relation to the Sarah Palin described by George Will as thinking the vice president is in charge of the Senate?

Yes, it really is “pathetic” – McCain should be up by 40 points in South Carolina!

Once again Cal Thomas sounds like a drowning man. Won't someone please throw him an anchor?

I know there's a big election Tuesday, but does every Buzz have to be political? Get creative!