The Buzz

Wednesday morning: You get to keep your house, I get to lose mine.

Dread fills the country. Pray to Almighty God for help.

This proves it: A majority of Americans get their news from SNL's Weekend Update.

Don't kid yourselves. This country is more divided than ever, and it's not going to change.

Show me a first-time black voter who's at least 25 years old and I'll show you a racist.

Take a minute to stare at a picture of the two presidential candidates. Isn't it obvious why we had the largest voter turnout in history?

No heaven awaits. Just an end to the hell of the past eight years.

Is it any surprise rich people don't want to spread the wealth but poor people do?

Dreaming you'll one day be wealthy isn't sufficient reason to vote for the party of the wealthy.

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