The Buzz

Is this how it feels to wake up with a headache and realize you don't know the person on the other side of the bed?

I feel like I just woke up on Nov. 23, 1963, and it was all a bad dream.

Buzzers said anybody who thought Obama might win North Carolina was dreaming. Well, today we're wide awake!

Had my dad lived long enough to see this, it would've killed him.

Black Tuesday.

I'm a born-again American!

Sarah Palin, now do you know what a community organizer does?

Reparations? Paid in full!

So now we're all supposed to come together and forget the hatefulness of the campaign? Sorry, no.

The hatred of Wednesday's Buzzers is astounding and troubling.

McCrory gets support from everywhere in the region but Charlotte?

Dole: canned and shelved.

Hell hath no fury like a rich ex-husband. What's the excuse of those who voted for him?

That's not the big house I expected Nick Mackey to be sent to.

Sarah, won't you please give your wardrobe to Michelle?