The Buzz

Black Political Caucus, you endorsed Belk, now you can give him directions to the courthouse.

What have we come to when we elect a sore-tailed cat instead of an experienced judge?

Pillow and blanket, $7? One more reason to fly Southwest out of Raleigh.

Mecklenburg, no more complaining about inattention from Raleigh. You had your chance.

What does it say about Alaskans that they seem to have reelected a convicted felon to the Senate?

Won't it be nice to have a president who can speak English?

Rush sounds like he's choking on his blather.

Man says, “Eating plankton made me vote for Obama.”

Will Michael Jackson now have his skin darkened?

Those bees that scientists say are disappearing? I found them at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.

“Astounded by the hatred” in the Buzz?... First-time reader?

A forum for vile, divisive and vicious comments is a terrible use of shrinking newsprint.

Makes you wonder who chooses to print such Buzzes.