The Buzz

Will not a single Bush-hating Buzzer now thank him for bringing oil back down to $65 a barrel?

United Way: Don't “vet” it, gut it!

Recession at hand, tax revenues at risk – does Mecklenburg really need a home security czar?

First step toward healing: Removal of all campaign bumper stickers.

Lesson from the Mallard Creek High football eligibility ruling? Don't tell – next time let them find out on their own!

If my dad had lived to see this, he would've been as proud of his country as when he served as a 17-year-old in the Pacific in World War II. By the way, he too was white.

His lingering animosity toward McCain was so great that Bush refused to raise the terror alert before the election.

I'm black, and I don't want any white people congratulating me. The only winners are the status quo and the military-industrial complex.

Which of D.C.'s public schools will our president-elect choose for his daughters?

Can the Observer find the comics a permanent home, for crying out loud?

I'll give Obama the same support Democrats have given Bush the past eight years.

I want to give the new president the same respect and affection I gave “W.” Congratulations, “H.”