The Buzz

To the 75-year-old who hopes to die before Jan. 20: I'm pulling for you!

Why would someone want to miss one of the most meaningful events in U.S. history?

Old Buzzard, you died a long time ago, but nobody bothered to tell you.

What better example of the self-destructive nature of hatred?

That's how I felt in 2000 and 2004 – glad God didn't answer my prayer.

This 82-year-old white male Republican looks forward to Jan. 20 with hope and anticipation.

Macular degeneration wouldn't keep Billy Graham from speaking, dictating or even touch-typing.

Hillary's Faustian pact was a disaster: She's not President Clinton, and she's still Mrs. Clinton.

If Hillary had won, would Laura Bush have given Bill those White House decorating tips?

Kathleen Purvis, how does this guy prepare his plankton?

Candidates need to make themselves visible to voters. Bill Belk did.