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The Greensboro airport has suddenly gotten a lot closer.

Note to all public school teachers: Your pay, tenure, benefits can be found at the ballot box.

Obamacare didn’t make the best inventions list? Really?

Hey GOP, opposition is not a plan!

Obama danced around O’Reilly’s questions like Fred Astaire.

If you can’t give credit when the Dow goes up, don’t place blame when it goes down.

We need another Bush in the White House like we need another Nixon.

An old saying among lawyers, cops: “You can indict a ham sandwich.”

So it’s called a grand jury because they indict a thousand people a week?

Leon and Sandra Levine – part of the much-maligned 1 percent!

God doesn’t use droughts, hurricanes, etc. to deliver political messages. Otherwise Raleigh would be hit on a regular basis.

Call stormwater fees what they are – taxes.

I tried to watch Super Bowl commercials but they kept getting interrupted by a whupping.

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