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The only religious icon a football coach should invoke is St. Vincent of Lombardi.

S.C. wants to increase prison time for gang members. Wonder if that includes the legislature?

Millions in local weather toys and we put our faith in a rodent?

Congrats early grads – welcome to the job market!

Let me “ash” you why environmental disclosure matters?

Thom Tillis may be able to avoid the tea party, but he will not be able to avoid Teachers against Tillis.

Is there anything less accurate than a Fox News call-in poll?

Congress is like the Hotel California. Politicians check in but they never leave!

Farm Bill? Why not just call it what it is, The Food Stamp Bill?

Only way to get rid of those greedy hospitals, doctors is to nationalize them.

We each already have the power to set our own minimum wage.

If Gov. Christie’s aide is as bad as he says, why did he hire him?

To the lady in the white Honda texting and holding up the two-lane McDonald’s drive-thru. STOP IT!

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