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Duke Energy makes me wish for Duke Power.

Duke’s new slogan – Don’t cry over spilled ash?

Come on folks – CLT parking fees have been below market for years.

Sorry Sen. Hagan, but when I turn the other cheek, my vote goes with me.

We now have two unemployment rates – the real one from the Labor Dept. and the always higher GOP one.

If more people had an income, there would be less income inequality.

If the Levine family isn’t careful they’re going to give the super rich a good name.

Salt shortages in snow country, water shortages in western states, saltwater oceans all around. Solve this one and you could make a killing.

So it’s OK for CVS to sell beer, but not cigs?

CVS anticipating replacing cigarettes with marijuana?

How can someone’s reproductive system simultaneously be 0% my business and 100% my responsibility?

Of the myriad liberal euphemisms, “undocumented” takes the flan.

There is hope yet! Leonard Pitts and I agree on something.

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