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Duke’s belief that it could control its coal ash was a pipe dream.

Who’ll pay to clean up Duke’s ash ponds? Look into the mirror, sucker.

So what is the formula used to calculate tax incentives for luring businesses?

$300K is nice, but maybe Elevation could build a 16,000 sqare foot homeless shelter in the Union County woods?

Three cheers for CVS for putting public health above profits!

Do you suppose CVS will still sell us our Valentine candy?

Pretty sure a cure for poverty isn’t a mass surge of ill-educated immigrants.

Aetna profit up 94 percent. That explains why they deny most of my prescriptions!

Latest CBO report says that Obamacare turkey has come home to roost.

GOP is lying about the ACA and jobs. Anybody who reads the CBO report knows that.

Treatment by a nationalized hospital/doctor? Think DMV times 10.

Clay Aiken for Congress. I am laughing way toooooo hard!

I'm not napping. I'm using my new Google eyelids.

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